The Manufacturing Sector Subsidiaries span the provision of services and the production of materials used in the construction, automotive, industrial and household chemicals sectors, as well as consumer goods.

Many of these subsidiaries are over fifty years in operation and represent world-class products that are household names across the Caribbean, including ABEL clay blocks, BESTCRETE concrete blocks, Penta Paints, Clean and White Bleach, Three Plumes & Swinger Matches, Decorative & Industrial Coatings manufactured by Penta & Sissons.

The sector also represents leading International Brands including Akzo Nobel, ICI, Devoe and Carrier. The sector also produces a range of injection moldings, film & blow molding products.


Andy Mahadeo SECTOR HEAD

TATIL Building
11 Maraval Road
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Tel: (868) 223-2672 or
  (868) 225-6225
Fax: (868) 624-8753
Web: www.ansamcal.com

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