Kashta Ome
Group Human Resources Advisor - Industrial Relations, ANSA McAL Group of Companies Limited

1. Where you are currently assigned and how long have you been with the ANSA McAL Group?
I am the group Human Resources Advisor – Industrial Relations and I have been in the group for over 6 years.

2. How much flexibility do you have in determining how you perform your job?
I have a lot of flexibility, as my job requires that I provide advice and guidance in unique and non-traditional circumstances. I work with people in different positions, organisations and sectors throughout the group, as well as the subsidiaries outside of Trinidad and Tobago, which sometime means that you are required to go there with little notice.

3. What is your definition of ‘hard work’?
Hard work for me is defined as work you don’t like to do or work that doesn’t leave you satisfied. It’s not that what I do isn’t challenging at times, in fact it is quite taxing but never hard.

4. How do you go about motivating or challenging yourself?
I am a bit of a perfectionist and so I’m always looking for better and more efficient ways to get my job done. It means pushing my self to deliver on my promises.

5. How would you describe working for a successful Group like ANSA McAL?
It’s a world class experience. This is the one place where you are really challenged in your profession. In many other organisations you just need to maintain the system. But at ANSA McAL you are always looking for better ways, more efficient ways, more profitable ways to achieve our goals. As such you really get an opportunity to practice your trade.

6. If you could do things all over again would you choose the same path for yourself?
Yes. My work experiences before ANSA McAL assisted in preparing me for this opportunity. I am grateful for them and I think I joined the group at the right time, as my contributions have been valued and I have been able to add value.