Golda Lee-Bruce
News Anchor / Reporter, GUARDIAN MEDIA

1. You are in the tough business of Media, how long have you been in the profession and what inspires you to keep pursuing excellence in your field
I’ve been a full time journalist for the last 11 years and I love it! I am most inspired by the people of Trinidad and Tobago and their stories. There are countless fascinating and awe-inspiring citizens of this country who go unnoticed and I have the privilege of speaking with them, sharing with them and telling their stories to the world.

2. Why do you think people are still so fascinated with this profession?
There is something fascinating about the familiarity of broadcast media. You basically invite media professionals into your life every day on television, radio and online. When you wake up, we’re there, in your car, we’re there, at your job, we’re there and when you return home after a long day, we are there too. Sometimes I meet people for the first time and they talk to me like they’ve known me forever, I find that very fascinating. I think it’s that familiarity that many people find fascinating too.

3. What has been the high point of your career so far at GML and how has working at GML influenced your professional ethos?
As crazy as it sounds, the high point of my career is the CNC3 newsroom. I work with an amazingly talented and efficient team. I am proud of them and it’s my honour to work with them every day.

4. You must have interviewed quite a few people in your career and visited quite a number of locations. Can you reveal who has been your most intriguing interviewee to date and why?
This is a really good question because many people would assume that the most intriguing interview would be with a popular newsmaker. My most memorable interview was actually with a woman from Diego Martin who was turning 100 years old. She had no children, but it was no surprise the way her community loved and respected her. On her birthday we talked about life and the ups and downs. Her perspectives on many issues have stayed with me to this day. I most was inspired by her resilience. Despite a tough life, she always assumed the best about people and it showed in the way they loved her.

5. What are the skills necessary to make it in this competitive environment and how can employees/colleagues in your field make sure they are staying current?
The most important skills are the ones that can’t be taught in a school. Integrity, humility, respect, and passion for the truth are critical to being a good reporter. As for staying current, aim to be the perpetual student. See every experience as one for learning and growth.

6. Paper or digital?
Digital. But I will always appreciate the feeling of a newspaper between my thumbs.