Shane Rojas
Manager, Wealth Management, ANSA Merchant Bank Limited

1. Where are you currently assigned and how long have you been with the ANSA McAL Group?
I am currently assigned at the Port of Spain Head Office in ANSA Merchant Bank. I have been with the group now 10 months. (January 2017) Position: Wealth Manager

2. Describe what your experience has been like so far in working for ANSA Merchant Bank?
My experience thus far has been great. I feel as though I am continuously challenged and presented with opportunities to prove my worth.  The team I work closely with (Investment Services) really is the cream of the crop, and is probably one of the closer departments in the Bank. It feels like a small family.

3. What is your definition of ‘hard work’?
I define hard work as pulling your socks up and being willing to go the extra mile needed to get the job done.

4. What single project or task would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?
My most significant career accomplishment to date would be bringing on-board my first multimillion dollar client in my fist month on the job.

5. How much flexibility do you have in your job?
I’d say my job is flexible in that my position requires a personalized touch due to the array of clients I deal with. In other words, I am not restricted to a textbook or one-dimensional approach in my job.

6. If you could do things all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself and what single quote comes to mind if offering advice to a young professional?
I would absolutely choose the same path.  A quote that comes to mind is, “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today” – Malcom X