Jon Jhingoorie
Executive Management Trainee, ANSA Coatings Limited

“There are many people who are young and motivated, and a lot of older, seasoned employees. The exchange of wisdom and history of the company is always present.”

I was fortunate to get into the Group through the Champions programme, and was accepted into the second cohort in September 2016 to work in the Manufacturing Sector at ANSA Coatings Ltd. Currently I am in Sales and Marketing.

ANSA McAL is a local superpower because of the depth of their involvement across many sectors. The portfolio has been strategically diversified, allowing for new acquisitions to generate products and services for companies within the Group. Additionally, ANSA McAL continues to develop their companies by setting targets that are difficult but achievable. This promotes high efficiency and performance within the Group and gives continuous growth.

The experience has been rewarding as I continue to learn a lot. I have been taken out of my comfort zone, been given lots of responsibilities and have also been involved on many high-level projects. This has allowed me to become more responsible and capable of performing under pressure. The learning curve for this job has been difficult, but ultimately improved my critical thinking, analytical, management and professional/business skills.

The most surprising thing so far has been the amount of responsibility I am given as a Champion. I have been involved in projects of increasing importance if I am thought to be capable. There is a management style which favours merit and performance as opposed to only seniority. I am also surprised by the sheer size of the Group and its involvement across different sectors within Trinidad and Tobago and the region.

The working environment at my company is best described as dynamic. As a Champion, I have been rotated through different departments and I am always defaulted to being cross functional.

There are many people who are young and motivated and a lot of older, seasoned employees. The exchange of wisdom and history is always present. As long as you are willing to learn and put in the work, there are ample benefits.