Daniel Joseph
Trade Development Officer, Alstons Marketing Company (AMCO)

“Hard work overcomes all difficulties and mine is a story of great perseverance.”

I have been with the Group for two years and I am currently assigned to the Wines and Spirits Division at AMCO as a Trade Development Officer. What that means is that I manage the sales and promotion aspect for AMCO’s Wines & Spirits, develop marketing/promotional programs i.e. sponsorships, cross merchandising and training in conjunction with international brand guidelines, ensure strong execution of merchandising and promotional events on and off premise, maintain good relationships with all customers, keeping them informed of orders and special offers plus establish new accounts for Wines and Spirits products. I have a great deal of flexibility in my job but those are just some of my key responsibilities.

Working for ANSA McAL is quite a pleasure as it is an environment with equally passionate creative and intelligent people who promote teamwork, open communication and growth amongst employees. This is a progressive group that is focused on delivering results whilst remaining amiable and respectful.

My greatest achievement to date has to be working in the Mobile Sales Department at AMCO where my team achieved 94% of overall sales for the period I was a Mobile Sales Supervisor. It was a great achievement not only because of the significant growth in sales and performance, but also the boost in employee morale that I achieved with my teammates. This was mainly due to the passion I had for the job and the consistent effort I put into making it easier for the sales reps to perform their jobs. The result was a great deal of enthusiasm from the team that reaffirmed my view that people are the most important resource of a company.

Hard work for me means going beyond the call of duty, which I am fully prepared to do so I can achieve the desired results.