Veeresh Ramnarine
Process Engineer, Abel Building Solution

“I am optimistic about our future as ANSA McAL is committed to this country and that of the region. More so, I am confident that I am in the right place, at the right time to make a significant impact and contribute to the long term development of our nation

I have been working at ABEL Building Solutions, the largest manufacturing company in the Group, for over two (2) years. During that period, I played a dynamic role by rotating through Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Projects and Purchasing, so that my key responsibilities and accountabilities changed with every new department.

For me, aside from compensation, some of the major rewards have been:

  • Continuous learning in important organizational areas
  • Personal development
  • Freedom to challenge old ideas and express and bring to the table new ones
  • Good mentoring and leadership

I have always been given flexibility in finding new ways to achieve department functions, as opposed to the way that is considered the ‘norm’. This has allowed me to express my creativity and innovation.

One of the most surprising discoveries for me was ABS itself and its long-standing tradition and popularity of the iconic brand ‘ABEL’, not just in Trinidad but throughout the region. ABS is a group within a Group and therefore offers a diverse range of opportunities and experiences that is unmatched anywhere else. The people are the best to work with and that makes ABS a ‘positive vibes only’ environment.

Working at ANSA McAL gives me confidence that I am part of a Group that is committed to the development of Trinidad and Tobago and the region. As a patriot, this is very important to me.”