Sean Austin
Account Executive, CARIB Glassworks

“There are two things which have surprised me the most since joining ANSA McAL – The emphasis on family that permeates the Group and the passion of the employees at all levels. The passion within the employees of the Group could just be a result of the family culture that resonates.”

I am currently a part of the Carib Glassworks (CGL) Team and working with the Group for just over two years. In July 2017, I was assigned to the role of Account Executive where I manage all the local accounts, small and large, ensuring that all our customers’ requirements are met and that they are supplied with the right glass packaging solutions for their products. Of course, I must also attain all budgeted targets for sales.

The atmosphere in the Sales and Marketing Department is fast-paced. We are always focused, passionate and hard working. This is a good foundation to work on as if ever a team member begins to fall behind, there will always be a push from a colleague to ensure we move forward together as a team. Even in the face of a tough economic environment I believe that we have the team and work ethic to continue our growth as a company and as a Group.

The strong leadership at the CGL has allowed for robust working relationships to foster and a team-oriented culture to form.

The selection process to become part of the Champions program was quite rigorous. The program created countless opportunities for me to grow as a professional and as a person. For these reasons, simply being part of the program has been my greatest achievement to date. Every other achievement in my professional life, would not have been, if not for the Champions program.

CGL is consistently involved in many various corporate social responsibility projects. Being involved in these types of projects can help to take away the stress of your daily work and gives you satisfaction in being part of a company that gives back.

The next step will be to become a Director at one (or several) of the Group companies and with the Champions program completed, I have a good understanding of all the facets of a big business. This can only propel me forward.